HP PhotoBooth

Cool Innovations at the HP #MyPrintly Suite #BlogHer15

Disclosure: I received a gift bag at the event. All opinions stated are my own. The recent 2015 BlogHer conference in New York City was the Go-To place for brands and bloggers to connect and learn. Brands often hold their own events nearby and invite select bloggers to view new products, services and programs. One…

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Why Bitta Kidda LovieSack is better than Traditional Sleep Sacks

Disclosure: I received a sample to assess. All opinions stated are my own. Any parent of a baby knows about sleep sacks. They are wearable blankets zipped over baby so that it stays on, thus minimizing the risk of suffocation that is associated with loose blankets. Between my two children, I’ve tried all the major…

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I’m Going to the #BlogHer15 Conference New York City

Have you heard of the #BlogHer15 conference in New York City? It’s the world’s largest conference for women content creators. Based on the BlogHer.com website, this conference is THE place to go if you’re a blogger who wants to learn how to hone your skills and network with other bloggers and companies. Every year the…

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An Ultimate Guide to European Street Food

When visiting Europe one way to get a local taste of the culture is through its street food. Check out this ultimate guide to European Street Food to find out the most popular ones in several countries. Source – http://www.wimdu.co.uk/ig/an-ultimate-guide-to-european-street-food


BSensible Waterproof Breathable Bed Linens Makes Good Sense

Disclosure: I received product samples to assess. All opinions are my own. Is there such a thing as better bed linens? Yes, there is, and it’s BSensible, an eco-friendly product that’s arrived from Europe. If you have young children like me, changing wet linens in the middle of the night is a given. Changing sheets…

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Boogie Wipes

Allergies Causing Runny Noses? Boogie Wipes and Boogie Mist Can Help

Disclosure: I received samples to asses. All opinions stated are my own. Messy runny noses are a fact of life with little ones. During the spring and summer allergies make watery noses even worse. With runny noses come red and inflamed skin that tissue repeatedly irritates. Boogies Wipes can help and are a staple in many…

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