Is the Brazilian Peel an Antidote for Aging?
The Brazilian Peel is the first professional
strength single-step at-home glycolic treatment.

Photo by M.Adcock
The package for Brazilian Peel, a professional strength glycolic açai anti-oxidant facial treatment by Advanced Home Actives, stated the claim, “Antidote for Aging.” The Brazilian Peel was also the #1 skincare product sold at Sephora and won the Allure Magazine Reader’s Choice Breakthrough Award. So when the company approached me to review this product, I jumped at the chance – as a busy mom always on the go I could use a good facial treatment.

The manufacturer stated that its Brazilian Peel offered the first professional strength single-step at-home glycolic treatment and that it was 5x stronger than the average at-home peel. One of its main ingredients, açai, was a natural antioxidant from the Brazilian rainforest that was known to counteract the damaging effects of free radicals to brighten, smooth, firm, and tone skin.

I received a one month’s supply (4 applications). Each applicator contained pre-measured amounts of the peel and neutralizer which were stored in two separate chambers. The directions said to “Open one Brazilian Peel syringe.” I saw the word “syringe” and cringed, thinking, “What? I have to inject this into my face with a needle?” Upon further observation I determined there were no needles involved – it was just a poor word choice (note to manufacturer, just say “applicator”).

To dispense the two formulas simultaneously, I simply pushed in one end of the applicator into the palm of my hand. A white cream and a clear gel came out which I then mixed together with my fingers. The directions said to expect a warm sensation; the heat was actually more intense than expected. I was worried the peel would burn my face, but it was fine when I applied it to my skin.  I felt the clear peel tighten as it dried. After 10 minutes, I rinsed it off with warm water.

The manufacturer made four claims on its packaging. After using the Brazilian Peel for four weeks, my results are listed below next to its claims:

The syringe-shaped applicators contained
two capsules: one with the peel and one
with the neutralizer.

Photo by M.Adcock
  • Instantly firms, noticeably smoothes and brightens with just one use – Yes, my skin did experience these attributes after the first application.
  • Visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles after four weekly applications – Perhaps the peel reduced some fine lines slightly, but I did not have many wrinkles to begin with so it was hard to tell.
  • Maintains a radiant, youthful complexion with continued weekly use – I did not radiate every day, but a lot depended on other factors like sleep, diet, exercise, your menstrual cycle, and more. The days my skin glowed, I cannot be sure if it was due to the Brazilian Peel or something simple like getting enough sleep the night before.
  • Won’t cause redness or irritation – Yes, the Brazilian Peel was surprisingly gentle. Unlike many other peels, I did not experience redness or dryness.

Would I claim the Brazilian Peel was an antidote for aging? Well, that’s a very strong finite claim. I would instead say that the Brazilian Peel left my face feeling refreshed, firmer, cleaner, and brighter. I liked the at-home convenience and thought is was an affordable alternative to pricey professional peels. If you’re looking to use a peel at home, then sure, give this a try. If you’re looking for the fountain of youth, well, let me know when you find it.

For more info: Advance Home Actives Brazilian Peel retails for $78.00 for a one month supply of four weekly treatments (breaks down to $19.50/week) or $23 for a single treatment. Brazilian Peel is available online at, Sephora stores and!

Disclosure: Author received product samples solely for the purpose of this review/post. Author did not receive any other compensation. All opinions expressed are those of the author. 
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    Looked on the web and this product also received great reviews elsewhere. I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the post.

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  • Vida

    You never had many wrinkles to begin with – you are right about that! I appreciate your honest thoughts about the results-sounds easy enough to use!