Photos: Hurricane Irene Damage in Long Island
We were lucky. In our Long Island town that borders on Nassau and Suffolk counties, we didn’t lose power and our house was intact. Except for loud wind, rain, fallen branches and leaves, no one would have realized a hurricane had passed through. This afternoon after the rain had stopped, my husband hopped on his bike with a camera to assess the neighborhood.

The pictures he brought back surprised me. Apparently we were in a little pocket of houses that did not lose power. In the streets surrounding us trees had fallen into houses and power lines, and the police had blocked off their streets. Looking at the LIPA website (Long Island Power Authority), we discovered that 75% of our town’s residents were without power.

Here are pictures from my husband’s bike ride around the neighborhood – did not see a lot of flooding, mainly downed trees.

In the late afternoon we drove to my mother-in-law’s house about 20 minutes east. Along the way, using my cell phone I snapped a few pictures of Irene’s impact.

Several times we had to stop and turn around due to a fallen tree blocking the road.

Many traffic lights were out. At this intersection the police were directing traffic.
At most others with broken traffic lights, one had to pay heed just in case cars
didn’t stop at the unmanned intersections.

This house barely escaped getting hit by a large tree.

My thoughts are with the families down South who lost loved ones, and the people on the East Coast who have lost power, water, and property. How were you impacted by Hurricane Irene?
  • Tough Cookie Mommy

    It was so scary. We lost power at around 3 a.m. and did not get it back for about another eight hours. I definitely never want to go through that again. My thoughts and prayers are with those who sustained property damage and loss of life.

  • TatterScoops

    Oh my God…that looks pretty bad but I am so glad to know you guys are alright. I’ve been through a tornado once and that sounds of wind was one of the scariest thing I ever heard. My prayers and thoughts are send to those who had to deal with a lot of damage and casualties.

  • Lisa Morrison

    WoW! The photo’s are scary…and amazing your home did’t sustain any damage or power outages. Glad you guys are okay.

  • AW

    Thanks for posting the pictures. They are very scary indeed!
    You are LUCKY!!!

  • Artemis Grey

    Wow! It wasn’t nearly so bad where I am in VA. South of us got it, and north, but we skinned through. Glad you came out okay, and here’s to a speedy recovery to those who were damaged/hurt!

  • Deepak

    I am very glad you are safe.

  • T

    Wow, it looks like you got lucky to keep your power!

  • hiraganamama

    Oh my goodness, I am glad you guys were ok!!!

  • Chantilly Patiño

    Wow…that is crazy! Feeling so bad for the individuals who had to deal with the rough parts. I have one bloggy friend who had her house flooded and another had no electricity for at least 22 hrs the last time I asked her. Wow…just imagining the clean-up that must be going on over there. I’m glad your family was safe and thankful that damage on the east coast wasn’t worse. <3

  • A Mommy in the City

    Wow! Glad your family is okay and safe.

  • Tracey @

    So scary! I’m glad to hear your house was spared and your family is ok.

  • Kerri

    Wow! I’m glad this storm was not any stronger. It would be scary to see even more damage.
    I was thinking of taking the girls out tomorrow to a local park to see some of the trees that have come down. What a loss of nature!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s a lot of damage from the storm! You were really lucky to not get any of it! -Elaine