Humbled By Our Firefighters

My brother-in-law is a New York City Firefighter. He rarely talks about the emergencies he attends to everyday, and understandably he probably does so to separate work from his family life. Once in a while the family will see a photo or news article mentioning him at the scene of a fire. Today my husband came upon a post by Steve Spak who takes photos for the FDNY.

The post speaks to an explosion in Queens on Father’s Day in 2001. Though my brother-in-law is not named, my husband tells me he was one of the firefighters blown off his feet during the explosion (this took place before I had met my husband). My brother-in-law sustained injuries requiring him to go on disability for several weeks, and it was a traumatic event for everyone involved.

Eerily, this explosion took place three months before 9/11, and several of the firefighters who attended to the Queens explosion later perished at the Twin Towers. Some of the parks and streets in our area bear their names.

I was going to take a break from writing a post today, but after finding out this incident that affected my family and reading Steve Spak’s post, I felt compelled to write – it reminded me to not sweat the small stuff because life is precious, and some people put their lives on the line every day to help others.

Let’s remember to honor our firefighters. I am humbled, and express my gratitude to these brave men and women.

Honoring those who risk their lives every day to save others.
Photo: flickr/mycalcave

    If I had a beverage nearby, I’d raise my glass high and drink to that. I don’t, so all I can do is say “BRAVO” and “well said.” Cheers to the modern heroes.

  • Asianmommy

    Yes, I truly admire the dedication and courage required to do this kind of job.

  • Teresa

    Bless all those who dedicate their lives to helping others: firefighters, police, nurses, doctors, teachers… A commitment not everyone can shoulder and not always recognized.

  • Deepak

    It sure takes a special type of person to put his/her life on the line to protect others. They are all heroes.

  • Vida

    Thank you for sharing something so personal about your family. You are absolutely right about not sweating the small things all the time.
    And I ditto the previous comments about honoring those who work every day to help serve and protect us. It’s unfortunate that they do not receive the proper recognition all the time for their dedication.

  • fishyfacedesigns

    God Bless them ALL— I am the Proud Mother of a firefighter…
    Thank you for sharing this post!
    Take care,

  • Julie

    God Bless FDNY!

  • I’m Jennifer.

    What a nice tribute to our firefighters! It’s good to be reminded of this – that we should honor and support these brave men and women.

  • Agnes

    Teresa, I agree with you and I like all the comments too. May God Bless Them Always!

  • Maureen | Tatter Scoops

    This post brought tears to my eyes. God bless those brave heroes and their families.

  • HogsAteMySister

    My Dad was a fire marshal. I remember he always smelled of smoke. Nice that the guys are nowadays being recognized for putting it on the line every day.