Zutano Showcases a Vibrant New Line of Baby & Toddler Clothes

Too cute shoes by Zutano
Photo: Maria Adcock

Colorful, whimsical, versatile. These are the trademarks of Zutano, the family-owned baby and toddler clothing design company. Michael and Uli Belenky started creating clothes for their baby daughter over 20 years ago out of their small NYC brownstone. When the business outgrew their living quarters, they relocated to Vermont. Inspired by the fresh air, wide spaces, and joy their children exuberated, the Belenkys lovingly grew their line of children’s clothing and accessories using high-quality fabrics sourced from the softest cotton.

Through Momtrends, Zutano showcased its vivid new product line at its quaint showroom event in New York City last week to a group of lifestyle and parenting editors and bloggers. As an attendee, I was impressed by the fanciful and colorful unique prints. All of their clothes are designed to be mixed and matched, a convenience parents will surely appreciate. The Zutano line extends into accessories and nursery décor as well.

Mix and match for no-mistake outfits.
Photo by Maria Adcock


The baby in this photo is happy because he’s wearing cute Zutano clothes.
Photo by Maria Adcock


The showroom boasted beautiful displays of its
colorful and whimsical clothes.
Photo by Maria Adcock


How cute will any girl look wearing this coat?
Photo by Maria Adcock


The Zutano bedding line – just as adorable as its clothes.
Photo by Maria Adcock


The Zutano founders’ daughter, Sophia (center), spoke to life growing up in the Zutano business.
Photo by Maria Adcock

As a treat, the event pampered participants with nail treatment by Nail Taxi, a unique mobile nail boutique. Nail Taxi used non-toxic kid-safe nail polish by Hopscotch Kids. Attendees also sipped on red and white wines brought in mompreneur, Cheryl Murphy, founder of Mommy Juice Wines.

Beyond the product line, I loved the Zutano philosophies instilled into its everyday practices. From the beginning Michael and Uli Belenky treated their employees as family, cooking for them out of their house everyday until the group expanded beyond 15. Employees were allowed to bring their babies to work during the infant’s first year of life, and even pets were welcomed. The company also encouraged employees to plant seasonal vegetables in the community garden on the premises.

To view the complete line of Zutano products, visit www.zutano.com. To find out more about Momtrends, visit www.momtrends.com.

Disclosure: Author received a gift bag through the Momtrends event. Author did not receive any monetary compensation. All opinions are those of the author.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02647731103147168661 Nicole Feliciano

    Glad you got a lot from the evening. Zutano is a favorite brand and it was a super night.

  • http://mommylok.wordpress.com/ Vida

    Such a beautiful showcase of clothing/nursery items for children! Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05012569571281223678 Veronica @ Mixed Gems

    Too bad they don’t have stockists in Australia and shipping costs are quite high.

  • http://www.tatterscoops.com/ Maureen | Tatter Scoops

    Awww those stuffs are super cute! Makes me wish I have a baby 😀

  • Julie

    Wow, so cute.

  • AW

    Cute and beautiful!

  • http://www.biculturalmama.com/ Bicultural Mama

    @Nicole Feliciano Nicole – it was a great event. Fun and informative at the same time!

  • http://www.biculturalmama.com/ Bicultural Mama

    @Veronica @ Mixed Gems
    Veronica – maybe when they grow large enough they’ll expand internationally.

  • http://www.biculturalmama.com/ Bicultural Mama

    @Maureen | Tatter Scoops Maureen – they have toddler clothes, too, up to I believe 5 years old, but since you’re in Indonesia the shipping charges will be quite high. :(

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14295480027719637960 Jill

    I love Zutano, especially the cute booties. Unfortunately, my son’s feet grew too wide for them quickly.

  • http://www.zutano.com/ Zutano

    We do have stockists in Australia! I’ve just e-mailed @Veronica a list.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17898837732023242141 Kerri

    Great to finally meet! Hope to see you more often :)

  • http://www.amberrisme.com/ Amberr Meadows

    I love the frog ones!