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Holiday time means family time with lots of picture opportunities. TakeGreatPictures.com, a site created and maintained by The Photoimaging Information Council, offers tips and techniques on everything from taking photos to scrapbooking.

People can even share their own work and enter photography competitions. In addition to these valuable resources, the website is giving away a new SONY a55 camera and lens kit to help one reader get started on holiday pictures.

Online entries must be received before December 1, 2011 and mail-in entries must be postmarked by November 30, 2011 and received by December 15, 2011. Just visit the entry page and simply input an email address – no other information is required.

About the SONY a55 camera and lens from Take Great Pictures:
This convenient, fascinating, fun, high-performance camera will satisfy advanced enthusiasts as well as beginners, and even pros. The Sony a55 delivers an incredible number of useful features including high speed and exceptional HD video capabilities. It literally teaches you what all those buttons and settings do and should be a great motivation for legions of picture takers stepping up to their first serious camera. 
For more info: Visit TakeGreatPictures.com and also the Take Great Pictures Facebook page for daily tips and news.

Disclosure: Author did NOT receive any compensation or complimentary products for this post. All opinions expressed are solely those of the author.
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