Get Rid of the Itches with New Baby Magic Gentle Eczema Balm

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New Baby Magic Gentle
Eczema Balm provides
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Eczema, a condition that causes red, itchy, irritated skin, affects approximately one in four children. My daughter falls into this group as she’s suffered from mild eczema since she was 3 months old. Eczema has appeared almost everywhere on her body at some point except for her face. We have a prescribed steroid cream, but selectively use it only on the most severe spots since it contains strong medications.

For everywhere else, we’ve slathered on petroleum jelly which temporarily helped to relieve my daughter’s itchiness, but it was a greasy mess. The jelly got all over her clothes, and when out and about people would ask why my baby’s skin was so shiny.

Now that my daughter is a toddler and can talk, she let’s me know when she’s itchy and points to the spots. This typically occurs when we’re not at home so of course I don’t have any lotions on hand. Fortunately Baby Magic, the family-owned company known for their baby products, has introduced an eczema stick balm. It’s non-greasy, conveniently-sized to fit in a purse or diaper bag, smells baby fresh, and soothes the itch.

I like that it’s enriched with vitamins, aloe, oatmeal, and certified organic shea butter to help relieve my daughter’s skin. It’s also hypoallergenic, Paraben-free, and Gluten-free (for those sensitive to gluten this is a plus).

My daughter likes to pull the stick balm out of my bag and apply it to herself, though it often ends up in other areas like in her hair and on her clothes. Nevertheless, when the balm does get applied to her skin, she stops complaining of the itch.

Baby Magic Gentle Eczema Balm is available at Babies R Us and Toys R Us. The 0.5 oz. stick balm retails for $6.99. Visit for more information.

Disclosure: Author did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Author did receive a Baby Magic Gentle Eczema Balm product to test on her child. All opinions expressed are solely those of the author.