Picky Eaters No More with FunBites Food Shape Cutters

New FunBites makes eating food fun for kids.
Photo: FunBites

Living with picky eaters? You’re not alone. Research of over 800 parents conducted by FunBites revealed that 63% say their kids are picky eaters and 68% say mealtime is stressful. Bobbie, mother of two, encountered similar meal time challenges with her little ones. The mompreneur decided to make eating more fun by creating FunBites, the first ever kitchen tool that cuts kids’ food into fun-shaped bite-sized pieces.

Launched into the market just last month, the patented kitchen tool easily cuts food into small bites with a simple press of its curved blades. Then simply insert the matching popper to release the shapes from the tool. FunBites is made of sturdy plastic (no sharp metal blades to worry about) and is 100% BPA free. FunBites can create squares, hearts, and other shapes in kid-friendly foods like sandwiches, burgers, pancakes, waffles, cheese, and more. For easy cleanup, FunBites is dishwasher-safe.

I sampled both versions of FunBites – the Luv it! (creates one big heart from 10 geometric shapes) and the Cube it! (creates 12 bite-sized squares). My 2-year old is picky at meal times so I was curious if the fun shapes would change her eating behavior. I tried it on a piece of potato bread by grasping the FunBites handles on both sides, pressing down firmly while rocking it back and forth to cut all the way through the food. I then inserted the matching popper top to pop out the shapes. The whole process took less than 10 seconds.

I presented a plateful of fun shapes to my daughter told her about how she could now eat heart-shaped bread. She smiled, played with the shapes a bit, then put them into her mouth. Success! I am looking forward to using FunBites on all other types of foods.

FunBites retails for $12.99 at http://www.funbites.com/ and receive free shipping by using the code FreeShipDec2011 before 1/2/12. For more information, please visit the FunBites website and also “LIKE” its Facebook page at www.faceboook.com/funbites.

To see FunBites in action, view this YouTube video: http://youtu.be/0cq180-fHz8

Disclosure: Author did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Author did receive a sample of the product to review. All opinions expressed are solely those of the author.