7 Traveling Tips for Families from Professional Organizer Barbara Reich

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Traveling with family doesn’t need to be chaotic.
Photo: Maria Adcock
Whether it is winter break, spring break, summertime or the holidays, families travel. Some of the biggest challenges include how to best prepare for the trip and how to stay organized while away.

Barbara Reich, a professional organizer who works with everyone from top executives to busy moms, makes the chaos manageable. She offers 7 tips for families to help make traveling more enjoyable and less stressful.

1.      For airline travel, employ “the rule of fractions”. If there are four people in your family, pack a fourth of each person’s clothing in each piece of luggage.  If luggage is lost or stolen, everyone will have enough to wear until it’s found. 
2.      Consider traveling with pop-up laundry hampers for your whites and colors.  Your hotel room will look much neater, and at the end of the vacation, pack the dirty laundry and fold up the hampers.
3.      Remember that all family members, even babies, need passports for travel outside the US.  Make copies of your passports and important documents, and keep them separate from the originals.
4.      Put a piece of hotel stationery in your children’s pockets.  Even older children and older travelers may forget where they’re staying if they get lost, particularly in a foreign country.
5.      For longer trips, ship toiletries to your destination one week in advance through an online drugstore such as drugstore.com.  If you order enough, you may even qualify for free shipping.  You’d be surprised how much sunblock, diapers, and shampoo can weigh.
6.      Bring a jump rope.  You can always find a corner of the airport to let your child get rid of excess energy before boarding the plane.  And, you can use it to exercise if you can’t get to a gym.
7.      Don’t be the only one not taking advantage of the “2 for 1 special”.  Do your research ahead of time.  Often there are coupons and discounts available for popular attractions and venues that can be found through a simple online search.

For more information: Barbara Reich is a professional organizer based in New York, NY. To find out more about her services, please visit www.resourcefulconsultants.com or www.facebook.com/ResourcefulConsultants

Disclosure: Tips were provided courtesy of Barbara Reich’s company. Author did not receive compensation for this post.