Time4Learning Online Education Program Review

Toddlers love mimicking parents, especially when it comes to technology. My 2 year old is no exception. When I’m on the computer, she wants to sit on my lap and press the buttons on the keyboard.

When Time4Learning approached me to review its online education program, I was initially hesitant because my daughter was so young. At the same time I was intrigued because I’m always interested in any tools to enhance my daughter’s education.

As long as kids can click a mouse, they can use the program. My daughter did not know how to use a mouse, but I knew I could help and teach her. As such, I agreed to trial and review Time4Learning for 30 days.

What is Time4Learning?
Time4Learning provides an online home education program that seamlessly weaves learning within fun educational games for kids Pre-K through Grade 8. It can be used for homeschooling or as a supplement for afterschool or summer break learning.

The animated lessons interact and engage with students in topics ranging from language arts/English, math, science, social studies, and learn-to-read programs. The program also provides printable worksheets and tracking of progression for parents.

My Experience
We trialed Time4Learning’s most primary program, Pre-K Level 1. My daughter enjoyed learning the basics such as letters, numbers, and colors as well as topics such as the seasons, syllables, and more. The animated characters and lessons held her attention. I liked that we could skip around to different topics and go at our own pace.

For my 2 year old, many of the lessons or games were too advanced so instead I used these as an opportunity to explain what she was seeing. I did have to click the mouse for her as ours has many buttons on it and she kept accidentally activating them.

I liked the variety of lessons, the convenience, and ability to track progress. Though my daughter was a bit too young to fully utilize the program, I do see the potential and have heard many good things about Time4Learning from other moms. My daughter asked to do Time4Learning every day, so the program definitely did a great job at making learning fun for kids.

Things to Know
Time4Learning allows parents to demo lessons on its website as well as experience a trial period. The program provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a child with math and reading skills at different grade levels, just mention this in the online registration process and the program can adjust to your child’s needs.

If parents like what they see, they can continue accessing Time4Learning for $19.95 per month. Time4learning gives parents a 14 day money-back guarantee to make sure the program works for their families.

For more information: Please visit www.Time4Learning.com to view lesson demos and more.

Disclosure: Author did not receive compensation for this post. Author did utilize a 30-day trial period for the purpose of reviewing the program. All opinions expressed are solely those of the author.