Chinese Sisters Separated as Toddlers Reunite Decades Later

Ann Kuo with sister Man-Ching

I’ve known my sister’s mother-in-law, Ann Kuo, since I was a teen. However, I never knew about her long lost sister until Marcella Lee, a family friend and my sister’s sister-in-law, reported on this fascinating story.

Ann and her family had escaped to America and lived a comfortable life. But sister Man-Ching was left behind due to unforeseen circumstances during the turmoil nearly forty years before when the Communist Party took control in China. Man-Ching lived a life of hardship in a small rural village without an education.

Recently, the Kuo clan, including Marcella’s family, visited Shanghai. While there, they visited the Kuo ancestral home. Though Ann and Man-ching’s lives took divergent paths, they have reconnected and formed a sisterly bond.

Please view this powerful news video developed by Marcella Lee to find out how one decision led to a family apart, and how time can heal and reunite.

Marcella Lee is an Anchor/Reporter at KFMB-TV News 8 in San Diego, CA. To view the post of her story, click here “Two sisters, separated as girls, living in two different worlds.”  Follow Marcella Lee on Facebook.