Tips for Handing Down Older Generation Tech Devices to Kids

When parents upgrade to new tech devices, many plan to pass down
the older ones to their kids. Find out how to keep kids safe.

The new iPad is out, and what do parents do with their old devices? According to a recent PBS KIDS survey, nearly 25% of parents of 2–10 year olds find a second life for their personal tech devices by handing them down to their kids. While it makes sense to do this, parents need to prep their devices to keep kids safe when using these older tablets. 

PBS KIDS recommends these tips:

  1. Sweep it: All devices should be cleaned of any content including personal files, credit card information, etc. before handing down to kids. Parents should swipe all their browser “cookies” and perform an application sweep.

  2. Secure it: There are parental controls on most tech devices that can turn certain features on and off. Settings on the iPhone, for example, that can be restricted include explicit song titles, internet browser, YouTube, iTunes and the camera.

  3. Set limits: As with any new toy, parents should set expectations and limitations with their kids when the device is handed down and should encourage other forms of learning and play beyond the screen.

  4. Find the right apps for your child: A good app is the perfect combination of education and entertainment, and should be appropriate for your child’s age and stage of development.

  5. Avoid apps that try to sell: Apps labeled “lite” or “free” often attempt to make money by trying to sell virtual items while a child is playing a game or link to another related app that requires payment to download. Select apps from trusted, reliable sources, and make sure that they are not trying to market to your child. 
Following these tips will help to ensure safe usage of tech devices by children. Parents, enjoy your new tech devices!

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