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When kids don’t sleep, parents don’t sleep. Getting children to fall sleep presents one of the most challenging aspects for many parents.

Pediatric Sleep Specialist Whitney Roban, founder of Sleep-Eez Kidz, strives to give the gift of sleep to families through her information dissemination and emotional support based system. The pediatric sleep therapist specializes in helping parents of children 4 months to 4 years sleep train their children.
Whitney utilizes her psychology background and takes a more emotional support approach when developing a sleep foundation for children. She also has experience through her own children, ages 7 and 10. Her techniques include the ABCs of sleep:

Assertiveness in your parenting behavior
Belief in yourself and your child
Commitment to sleep training.

Based in Roslyn, New York, Whitney helps parents nationally by working through phone and email. Beginning with a 90 minute phone call to understand the situation, she then communicates over the next 2 weeks via email. Parents can email their problems and successes for the night and Whitney responds with suggestions and support. After completing the 2 weeks, the children she’s helping should be sleeping through the night.
Whitney’s tips for parents to implement right away are listed below.
The SLEEP-EEZ KIDZ Top 10 Tips for Parents
Ø      If you teach your child good sleep habits EARLY, you will PREVENT sleep problems.
Ø      Develop a REGULAR and AGE APPROPRIATE sleep schedule for your child and COMMIT to it.
Ø      Develop a BRIEF and CONSISTENT nap time and bedtime ROUTINES.  Children feel safe and comforted knowing what will occur at sleep time everyday.
Ø      Allow your child to fall asleep unassisted.  This means without your help.  No feeding, rocking, strolling, bouncing, etc.
Ø      Put your child to sleep BEFORE becoming overtired.  The MORE TIRED your child, the HARDER it is to fall asleep and stay asleep.
Ø      An EARLY bedtime provides your child with ample opportunity to get the 11-12 hours of nighttime sleep NEEDED.
Ø      Do not shorten or cut out naps hoping for a longer night of sleep.  The MORE well rested your child is during the day, the BETTER your child will sleep at night.   
Ø      Parental CONSISTENCY in schedules, routines, and sleep training methods is the key to raising a good sleeper.  Remember that CONSISTENCY and COMMITMENT lead to success.
Ø      Think of sleep as a HEALTH ISSUE, just as you would nutrition. It is a basic biological need to eat and to SLEEP for both you and your child. 
Ø      In order to get to the Zzzz’s you must follow the ABC’s (ASSERTIVENESS, BELIEF in yourself and your child, and COMMITMENT).
One lucky Bicultural Mama reader will win a free sleep training program with Whitney worth $400. The program includes a 90 minute phone consultation to understand the families sleep issues and is followed up by 2 weeks worth of back and forth emails, offering emotional support and suggestions.

Winners can be located anywhere in North America. Twins or siblings are fine. 

Rules to receive this prize:
1. Children must be between the ages of 4 months and 4 years.
2. Children must be healthy and have no medical conditions altering their sleeping patterns.
3. Gift is good for up to 1 year from the day it is won. 
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