Our Own Organic Garden Plot in a Community Garden

Learning about organic gardening through a hands-on approach.
Photo: Maria Adcock


We finally have a chance to manage our own organic garden plot in a community garden owned by the town. It took a year to get off the waitlist, but it was well worth it. For only a donation of $25, we have a 5 ft x 20 ft. plot of land to grow anything we want.

Our little gardener loves to help!
Photo: Maria Adcock

The community garden offers tools, compost, dirt, mulch, and garden hoses for people to share.

The garden is in an area that receives a lot of sunlight, so the chances of something growing well are pretty good (compared to in our shady yard at home).

I love that my daughter enjoys going to the garden and helping out. It’s a great lesson in understanding where our food comes from and becoming more connected with the earth.

Once we can harvest the vegetables, I’m pretty sure she’ll be excited to eat them since she they’re from our own garden. The garden also gives us an opportunity to eat fresh organic produce at little cost.

Many towns offer community gardens such as this one, so call your town hall or do an internet search to find one near you!

  • http://www.hotchocolatecaramelmocha.com/ Stesha

    You’re so right! A $25 donation isn’t bad at all when you weigh the benefits of healthy and chemical free food. I wish our town would offer community gardening options, but they currently don’t. I’m planting my own veggie garden at home so it’s okay!

    Hugs and Mocha,