Uplift Girls Movement Empowers Urban and African American Teens

Inner city social worker Ruby Taylor noted how self-esteem in teen girls affected their decisions. Taylor revealed, “I was heartbroken by the pain, hurt, and lack of confidence my niece and urban students had.”  Wanting to help, she founded the Uplift Girls movement in 2012 to empower girls and inspire confidence.
Did you know:

  • African American teen girls are most likely to attempt suicide in a given year? (Research study by Sean Joe, Ph.D., LMSW, University of Michigan, and colleague)
  • Black and Hispanic women have the highest teen pregnancy rates at 117 and 107 per 1,000 women aged 15–19, respectively (Guttmacher Institute February 2012 Report). 
  • Teen girls with low self-confidence can become sexually active, sometimes resulting in pregnancy, and can become depressed and even attempt suicide.
Taylor is on a mission to positively impact 250,000 urban and African American teenage girls in the United States. She’s encouraging them to sign the Wall of Empowerment for Urban & African American Teenage Girls on the Uplift Girls website. So far over 260 girls have signed up weekly. Each girl or organization that signs up requires a sponsor assigned to them, and they will receive the book “Confidence to Greatness for Teenage Girls” and the “I AM PRICELESS” bracelet free of charge.

Taylor is looking for individuals and companies to become PRICELESS SPONSORSfor a current project to help 20 teenage girls from Houston, Texas, who are participating in the F.L.Y. Girls Mentoring program. To become a sponsor, please visit upliftgirls.com/priceless.html.

Let’s help Uplift Girls help urban and African American teenage girls increase their confidence and self-worth so they can make better choices, leading them to personal greatness and a positive impact on society.