Reached My 300th Post! Highlights Since #200

I’ve reached my 300th post! It came sooner than expected as my 200thpost was just in April 2012.

Between then and now, I’ve highlighted the more popular posts. These top posts reflect what Bicultural Mama aims to cover: parenting, culture and society. 
The Minnie Mouse Fast Action Fold
LX Stroller folds with just one step!
Photo: Disney Baby

Disney Baby Launches Minnie Mouse Collection by Graco
Parents look to other parents to find out about the latest baby and kids products. I work a lot with Disney as the company is always coming out with new and cool items. As a side note, I had interned at Walt Disney World in Orlando as a MBA marketing student back in 1999. Little did I know then that over a decade later I’d be working with them again, but in a much different capacity (Babies! Kids!).

My first taste of Soy Sauce Ice Cream!
Photo: Maria Adcock

Soy Sauce Ice Cream Recipe
Yes, you can make ice cream with soy sauce, and it’s not gross like many assume it to be. This is a unique way to fuse Asian flavor into an American favorite treat. It only requires 4 ingredients and you don’t even need an ice cream maker to create this yummy dessert. It tastes sort of like salted caramel (an interesting mix of savory and sweet).
Groupon Boycotted Over Torture Porn Company Tours
When I heard about this, I just had to write about it because it’s so bizarre and well, wrong in my opinion. A national boycott took place against Groupon for promoting discounts on tours of the torture porn studio in California. Groupon defended its position for a while until the movement grew large enough to affect its business. Eventually Groupon removed the porn tour tickets due to public pressure.

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