Energizer and Crayola team up to ‘Power the Creativity’ this holiday season


By Megan Pachal, Bicultural Mama Contributor

My three-year old son Jack is definitely a child of the technology age. He knows exactly what to do when one of his toys times out. He points to the bin of batteries stashed on a shelf far out of his reach and says, “Battery!  Fix it!”

Most parents probably don’t think about it often, but we depend on batteries to keep our kids learning and playing for hours on end. Energizer and Crayola have partnered this holiday season to make it easier for parents to purchase stimulating Crayola products and keep them running at all times.

Jack and I recently attended a fantastic event that showcased this partnership, “Power the Creativity,” at Apple Seeds in Manhattan.  It was a wonderful setting, with a large room full of interactive Crayola toys powered by Energizer max batteries.  While the young ones had a great time testing the toys outs, parents learned about the latest Energizer max batteries, products and deals.

We learned about new Energizer® MAX® batteries with PowerSeal Technology which now holds power for up to 10 years while in storage We received the great tip to include a pack of batteries with holiday gifts, something I’ve never thought to do and know my family and friends will appreciate.  We got the inside scoop on Crayola product discounts offered when you purchase Energizer batteries.

As part of the Power the Creativity promotion, parents can buy specially marked packs of Energizer® MAX® AA-16 and AAA-16 batteries and use coupons inside to save up to $20 on select Crayola® products.  Participating Crayola® products include:

  • Crayola® Digital Light Designer™
  • Crayola® Sketcher Projector™
  • Crayola® Light-Up Tracing Pad
  • Crayola® Glow Book or Glow Dome
  • Any Crayola® Color Wonder® Product

Jack was a huge fan of the toys he played with and found some creative ways to use them. The older children seemed to be drawn to the products that required more finesse in drawing skills.

Jack is an avid drawer, or should I say scribbler, and I am often thankful for Crayola’s washable crayons, markers and paints. I was excited to learn about more advanced drawing toys that Jack can grow into as he gets older.

There was even an Energizer product tailored specifically for parents, the battery operated Flameless Wax Candle. I am often wistful when I go somewhere that is beautifully lit with candles, as we no longer use them for fear that Jack will knock them over.  The flameless candle is both attractive and practical, and the inclusion of a battery pack in the product wrapping was just perfect.

So while you’re doing your holiday shopping, remember to pick up your Energizer battery packs, look inside for great discounts on Crayola toys and include extra batteries with your gifts. Your family, friends and children will thank you!

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Disclosure: The author wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Energizer. The author attended an event and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.Photo credits: Megan Pachal