Problem Solved: Smarter, Parent-Friendly Children’s Heath Care Products

When you have a young child like I do, you often have to try a ton of products before finding just the right one. I’ve found smarter, parent-friendly children’s health care products, and they’re from Safety 1st.

The company has created 12 products as part of its Advanced Solutions line that treats temperature-taking, fever management, nasal congestion, newborn care, first aid, oral care, and nail care.  As a bonus, these newly-launched items also include custom educational materials developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

I tried several items from the Safety 1stAdvanced Solutions infant and toddler health products line which is available now at major retailers. I believe the products I tried were a step up from existing products on the market today and here’s why.

Problem #1: Child is Sick in the Middle of the Night

Several times in the past few years I’ve awaken to the wails of my daughter – not the normal cries, but the ones where I know something was wrong. Using the light from a night light (didn’t want to blind her or I with the ceiling light), I’d stick a thermometer in her ear. However, since I had no light to read the results, I ended up turning on the bright lights anyway.

Solution #1:Thank goodness Safety 1st has created the Advanced Solutions TALKING Ear Thermometer. It gives quick, accurate 1-second readings and has a Fever Light™ Ring technology that shines red to alert when a fever is detected. Best of all, it speaks aloud the temperature. In other words, no more turning on the blinding ceiling lights to read results.  My daughter also thinks it’s pretty cool that this thing mommy stuck in her ear talks. Parents have the option to hear results in English, Espanol or not at all (audio off). SRP: $39.99.

Problem #2: Child Has Long Fingernails
It’s challenging cutting a baby or toddler’s fingernails – not only are their nails tiny, but many clippers are tiny as well. We have a nail clipper that has short, thin handles. It just doesn’t make sense; the people using the clippers are parents, not toddlers. I can barely fit my fingertips over the handles so it’s hard to get a good grip (not good when you have a squirmy toddler).

Solution #2: Safety 1st has developed the Advanced Solutions Smooth Clip Nail Clippers. The handles have non-slip grips and are wide enough to fit an adult’s fingers.  It also features a unique clear guard that prevents accidental side-to-side rotation of the handle, helps catch nail clippings and does not obstruct the view of baby’s fingertips. Taking things to the next level, there’s also an emery board storage compartment underneath the clippers to use for smoothing any rough edges left behind after clipping. SRP $6.99

Problem #3: Child Has a Congested Nose
When I came home from the hospital after my daughter was born, the hospital gave me a rubbery round bulb. I had no idea what it was and found out later it was a nasal aspirator. The problem with these traditional ones is that a parent needs to insert it into the baby’s nostrils several times in order to suck out the mucus. My baby was never happy with this procedure, and I always had a hard time keeping her still. It was a bit torturous for the both of us.

Solution #3: Safety 1st now sells its Advanced Solutions One-Way Nasal Aspirator which allows parents to position the bulb in each nostril only once. In other words, stick this aspirator it in the nostril, keep it in there, and it does the job. The innovative two-valve design keeps everything moving in one direction only into the aspirator through the tip. Pump the bottom of the aspirator bulb with thumb until the job is complete. SRP: $4.99.

I would recommend these three products above as I believe they were designed “smarter” to make parents’ lives easier. After all, as parents any breaks we can get are much appreciated.

What baby and toddler health care products line do you use that you think could use improvements?

Disclosure: Author was not compensated for the post. Author received sample of the items to assess for this post. All opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

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