Have a Fun and Safe Halloween with the Help of Instant Checkmate


We all know that Halloween is filled with excitement, laughter, and the occasional “boos.” However as this Halloween approaches, don’t take the chance of experiencing a real fright when it comes to your child’s safety. Now there’s Instant Checkmate, an online resource that provides information about criminals and sex offenders in your area so on Halloween you can skip any residences where they may reside. It’s also pertinent information to know for the future, too, as all parents would want to know where danger may lurk.

Crime on Halloween evening is a very real and serious matter that all parents should be aware of. According to James Fox, an expert on crime patterns and trends, the street crime rates on October 31 are more than double that of any normal day of the year.

To keep your child truly unharmed, it may not be enough to simply accompany them while they enjoy the night’s festivities. Try using Instant Checkmate to search millions of arrest records and public databases to uncover potential predators in your neighborhood. This Halloween, know which houses are safe to trick-or-treat at, and which ones to bypass. Do not take that chance of knocking on an unsafe stranger’s door.

No parent should have to worry about their child’s safety on a fun and eventful night like Halloween. It’s great that Instant Checkmate offers parents a simple way to do due diligence and help protect their children. So this year, get some peace of mind and make trick-or-treating happy and safe.  

Note: There may be a fee for some services requested.